January 20, 2016

The Reasons Why I Won’t Buy Most Listed Websites

Yesterday I told you about an Amazon site that is listed on Empireflippers.com for $962,000.00

I also told you that I won't buy a lot of the sites listed on there and here's why...

It seems that people do not learn their lesson. Most of the sites listed only relies on SEO for traffic.

​What's more is the fact that most of the sites have used Private Blog Networks (pbn) to get them ranking on page one of Google.

​Back in 2012 we used to game the search engines like this and we got burned.

I was taught 2 big lessons then.

  • Don't rely on just one traffic source for your whole business.
  • Do not do any black hat stuff. Only white hat SEO can lead to sustainable rankings.

I am willing to bet that Google knows about these PBN's and that they are actively working on an Algorithm update for them.

​Diversify your traffic sources and do white hat SEO only.

​That's the lesson for the day.

​If you want to learn how I do it in my business then go to http://www.authoritysitesecrets.com/



Jan Roos

Marketer, Author, Dad and Husband

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