June 9, 2016

Newbie Marketers Overdose on Cheap C…..

So I read this story in the news today about 3 Powerball winners who won $1.5 Billion each.

​One of them went and bought himself a huge mansion and was found dead a few weeks later from a Cocaine overdose.

​Now, I don't know if this story is true or not but it reminded me of our industry.

​You see, most people enter the IM market which is similar to this guy buying the new mansion.

They get super excited about all the easy riches they are going to get and then they start buying all of these cheap IM products (cocaine) with the hopes of striking it rich.

​Some newbies do not even read the products they buy. They just love the thrill of buying from the over hyped sales letters.

​That is similar to the high the cocaine user got.

​Eventually they go broke and quit the IM scene with a bad taste in their mouth.

​Basically they overdosed on too much information and crappy IM products.

​What if instead, they found one or maybe two reputable people to follow from the beginning and they paid a little bit extra to buy a solid product and then used all their time and effort implementing that one product?

Do you think the outcome would of been different?

​You bet it would.

​I know because I almost overdosed when I first started. I bought the cheap high for 3 years straight and it almost cost me my marriage.

​Don't be that guy.

​Be the other guy who invests in a solid product from the beginning and implement that information.

​That's the best way to avoid an IM overdose.

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Jan Roos

Marketer, Author, Dad and Husband

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