June 8, 2016

“Jan, You Are a Disgusting Pig and I Want a Refund!”

Back when I first started selling my Authority Site Secrets course, I got this message from a lady by name of Jane I think it was.

" Jan, your course is amazing and I have learned a lot but how could you use the hunting niche as an example? That's disgusting and for that I think you are a pig and I want an immediate refund"


​That through me for a loop.

​Even though I receive tons of rave reviews for my product which I put together from years of experience as an Amazon Affiliate this one lady made me almost want to quit selling my course.

​I know that's weak of me but it really did effect me.

​I immediately refunded her and dwelled on what she said for a week.

​Then I talked to one of my veteran IM friends who told me that it happens all the time in this business.

​"Customers can be very nasty and difficult some times and the best you can do is to let it go and move forward"

​The reason I thought about that today is because while scouring the web for websites for sale I found this one that sold for $130k


​Guess what niche it is in?

​Yup, the hunting niche.

​The site is growing fast and is making around 5k per month in profit. It's a passionate niche and people are spending lots of money in it.

​Perfect for an Authority Site such as the one listed above.

​I used that niche and a few others as examples in my Authority Site Secrets Course.

​From being an Amazon affiliate for 7 years and having sold over $6 million as an affiliate for them I know how to spot a good niche, I know how to easily setup a website in that niche that converts and most important of all, I know how to drive targeted traffic to that site.

​I present all of that to you on a silver platter over at www.authoritysitesecrets.com

​Have a great weekend.


Ps. I am not a hunter and do not kill animals for fun. With that being said, I have no problem with someone hunting to put food on the table.

Jan Roos

Marketer, Author, Dad and Husband

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