February 24, 2016

How people are making BANK on SHOPIFY

So yesterday I told you about this new software called Ecom Pages and why I think it is awesome.

​Today I wanted to tell you a bit more about what this Shopify Craze is all about.

​Shopify has made it extremely easy for anyone to build their own Ecommerce store.

​Think accessories stores, fishing stores, clothing etc.

​You do not need to know any coding and everything is fairly easy to setup.

​You can then choose a template from Shopify or create your own design with the simple drag and drop features of Ecom Pages.

​Checkout this video about Ecom Pages.... http://jvz5.com/c/9118/197991

After your shop is built, you can add your products which you can find on www.aliexpress.com

​Alixpress will drop ship the products straight to your customers.

​All you do is choose a product you want to sell.

​List it on your Store for at least 100% more and make the sale.

​Once the sale is made you then go and order the item on Alixpress and put your customer information in there.

​Put a note that the supplier must not include a receipt or anything that shows the price in the package.


​You have a business.

​Now, this is a simplified strategy that works well.

​If you want to learn more about building and promoting one of these ecommerce stores then I highly recommend you check out this course.


​Matthew Schmitt is the real deal when it comes to ecommerce and his course is probably the best one out there IMO.

​His course will show you where to source products and what type of products, how to drive traffic and track your traffic like a ninja, hot conversion tips for your store and a ton more.

​It is a one stop shop type of course similar to my Authority Site Secrets one.



Ps. I have made many sales with my Shopify store but decided to put the project on pause to focus on other areas of my business. Mainly SEO for my Aff sites.​

Jan Roos

Marketer, Author, Dad and Husband