January 6, 2016

Father and Daughter Team Does over 50k pm On Amazon Affiliates

Back in 2009 I had a very interesting conversation with a lady from the UK named Lindy.

She told me that she and her father was making over 50k per month as Amazon affiliates without writing any product reviews or doing any seo at all.

I was very intrigued and asked her how they did it.

She told me that they would create big newsletters in specific niches such as Pets, Music/guitar, Health etc.

The newsletters would only consist of maybe 4 to 6 pages of interesting content they found from all around the web.

They find these stories on forums, magazines, blogs etc.

Very easy to do.

Below each story in the newsletter which goes out to the subscribers via email in pdf format, they would have an ad to some of their products on their mega big Amazon Affiliate Store.

So for instance, let's say the story is about cats and their litter boxes then the ad below that would say something like "Checkout our vast selection of cat litter boxes on our Pet Shop link..."

By doing this they are doing big numbers on Amazon and they do not need to write reviews for products or learn how to build websites or do any SEO etc.

They just used an automated Amazon Store Builder such as my friend Carey Baird's Fresh Store Builder which is launching today at a BIG discount.


Fresh Store Builder creates huge and beautiful Amazon affiliate stores that convert.

If you have a golf, pets, survival, health etc newsletter and you send your subscribers to one of these stores you will make money just like Lindy and her dad.

All they focus on is getting new subscribers to their newsletter and writing a weekly or biweekly 6 page newsletter which is very easy to do.

I started doing that after speaking with her and it works well.

I already have an Amazon Authority Site with reviews which I send people too and they buy.

Something I want to test as well is adding one of these stores to my Sites menu where it says Store and then sending my newsletter subscribers there instead of the reviews.

The beauty of this business model is that you are creating a real asset (your list) that can't be taken away from you with a Google Slap or Facebook ban or whatever.

You will have traffic and sales on demand for many years to come from that list if you do it right.

Hopefully this email gave you something to think about and do consider buying Carey's Fresh Store Builder from my link here..


You can easily add thousands of products to your store with just a click of a few buttons.

It's all automated.



Jan Roos

Marketer, Author, Dad and Husband

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