February 24, 2016

Amazon Authority Site Makes 18k Per Month within 1.5 Years

So there's yet another Amazon Authority Site for sale on Empire Flippers.

The site is in the electronics niche (which I ususally don't recommend) and it's making 18k per month in profit.

​Currently the site is listed for sale for $553.000

Have a look at the listing here.

Now, a few things that's interesting here.

See how all the Amazon sites listed on there are basically Authority Sites covering big niches where lots of money is being spent and building a brand around these niches?

Well, that is exactly what I teach in http://www.authoritysitesecrets.com/

These days it is wayyyy better to build one big Authority Site rather than a bunch of smaller niche sites.

It takes the same amount of work but the payoff is much bigger as you can clearly see from the listings on Empire Flippers.

Ok, back to the listing.

That site is in the electronics niche which I am not a big fan of because the commissions on Amazon is capped at 4% for electronics.

Also, with electronics you have to constantly add new reviews because the product you review today will be outdated 3 months down the line.

That's why I like to stick to more evergreen niches where the same products sell for years and years. You review them once and they keep selling.

Also, with other niches your commissions from Amazon is literally double that of Electronics.

What I do like about the site though is the fact that they did not use a Private Blog Network (PBN) to rank the site like so many other sites do.

Like I told you in my last email.

Google is actively working on an update to their algorithm to combat these PBN's and when that happens you will see blood on the street again just like back in 2012.

Anyway, That's it for today.

If you want to learn how to build one of these Authority sites, go to http://www.authoritysitesecrets.com/



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