June 12, 2016

About My Irrational Fear Of Sharks

Recently I started spearfishing as a new hobby.

​I love it but there is a big problem. I am terrified of sharks, especially since I live in South Africa where there is a lot of sharks around.

​My fear is holding me back from getting to the spots where the big fish are.

​Instead, I dabble around the rocks looking for small fish. The big fish is just a little deeper into the big unknown but I am too scared.

​As a result I will never come home with a good sized catch. Speaking to other spearfisherman, they all give the same advice.

"Just commit to going out there more often and come face to face with a few sharks and you will see that they are not there to eat you and they are not mindless man eaters as society makes them out to be."

What has this got to do with business?

​A lot actually..

​I see the same fear holding many people back from realizing their dreams of owning a successful online business.

​Most are scared to commit to one thing for long enough. Maybe you can relate. The fear of wasting months of your life on something that might not work, fear of losing money, fear of what your spouse will think if you fail etc etc.

​Instead, most people just dabble with lots of different business models. Too scared to commit to one thing and give it their all. When in reality, just as in spearfishing. The big profits (fish) lies just a little bit deeper into the unknown.

I remember when I decided to commit myself to just one business model after 3 years of dabbling around. Within 6 months of committing I was already making some decent money. Things just got better from there and today I have been self employed for almost 6 years.

If you really want to make this Internet business thing work for you then commit to one thing. Put your heart and soul into it and do not take no for an answer. Don't quit, study everything you can about that business model and implement.

That's it! That's the recipe for success.

​If you want to learn more from how I did it and still do, then go here.. http://www.authoritysitesecrets.com/

​To your success


Jan Roos

Marketer, Author, Dad and Husband

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